Tekrom Technology Inc.

Established in 2003, we are boundary-pushing young engineers. Our company was not founded by a capital group and has not received any investments to date. Our strength comes from over 2,000 customers who believe in us. For more than 15 years, we have been solely focused on our work, investing all our energy into it. We innovate with the earnings we generate.

We Lead the E-Commerce Market

We provide software services to top brands. We believe in the strength of Anatolia. We opened up to Anatolia to discover young talents who can create value when given the opportunity. Empowered by these lands, we don't wait for our global competitors to enter the Turkish market; instead, we challenge the world by establishing ourselves in Silicon Valley.

Aiming for $500 Billion USD

We want to be a guiding light for young entrepreneurs with dreams. As of 2016, we provide employment to over 70 full-time employees. We select our colleagues from candidates whose dreams have no limits. In our ecosystem, we offer job opportunities to dozens of freelance developers, and in line with our 2023 goals, we are expanding e-export to achieve the target of $500 billion USD in exports.