Terms of Use agreement

This agreement has entered into force after being mutually agreed with the user benefiting from “T-SOFT e-Commerce Systems” and T-SOFT Mobile IOS applications located in “Esentepe, Haberler Sk. No:13, 34394 Şişli/İstanbul”. This agreement applies to end-users of organizations that are currently T-SOFT customers and is an extension of the main License agreement. This agreement will come into force upon the installation of the T-SOFT Mobile Application by the users. If users wish to leave the Mobile Application, it is sufficient to uninstall the application.

Accessing Device Information
When users log in by installing the Mobile Application, device information (whether the screen of the device is on, information about the status of the GPS setting) or contact information will be available.

Use of Information
As T-SOFT, no personal data of the user is kept in the data storage areas of us during the application usage period. Information within the user's application (preferences) can be deleted from the device by actions such as user's reset of preferences, uninstalling the application.

Sharing Information
As T-SOFT, it is explained that the information of the User in the Mobile Application is not kept in the data storage areas of us. Data not registered under this agreement will not be shared with third parties.

User Permissions
Permissions must be approved by the User in order for the application's features to work in harmony with the device.

Camera Permission
This permission includes the use of the camera in the user's device by the application. During the application, the application is executed according to user decisions. The documents created as a result of the transaction are transferred to the central servers again with the user approval.

Internet Permission
This permission is used to access the services on the central server of the organization during the execution of the application. The internet connection to be used during this access is the user's responsibility.

Storage Permission
This permission allows the storage of icons and the database of the application used in the device's memory.

Intellectual Property Rights
All elements of the application (general view, design, text, image, logo, icon, written, electronic, graphic or machine readable, T-SOFT brand, applied business method and business model, software code and other codes (but not limited to), all of its elements belong to T-SOFT and / or used by T-SOFT under the copyright of a third party.

Terms of Service and Privacy
T-SOFT attaches importance to the security of personal information and data and pays attention to take all necessary measures in this regard. Users also agree, declare and undertake that they will comply with the provisions of this confidentiality agreement using the Application. This Privacy Policy shall apply to all parts of the Application. Protecting users' information and maintaining confidentiality is T-SOFT's top priority. Therefore, the information provided by the Users will not be used in any scope other than the rules and purposes specified in the agreement and will not be shared with third parties. T-SOFT can record the users' IP address, history information on the device and use these records for these purposes in order to identify the problems related to the system in the application and to immediately solve the possible problems that may arise in the application. The information obtained within the scope of the application can only be used by T-SOFT within various statistical evaluations without revealing the identity of the User. T-SOFT shall be able to disclose the information of the users to third parties by going outside the provisions of this privacy statement in the following cases. These situations; Cases where it is necessary to comply with the obligations imposed by the rules of law, In cases where T-SOFT fulfills the requirements of the agreements with its users and puts them into practice, In case of requesting information about the Users in accordance with a methodical investigation or investigation carried out by the competent administrative and / or judicial authorities, Where it is necessary to provide information to protect users' rights or security. T-SOFT acknowledges that it is an obligation to keep the confidential information provided to it strictly confidential and confidential, to maintain and maintain confidentiality and to ensure that all or any part of confidential information is disclosed to the public. It also undertakes to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of this information, take all necessary measures and take all due diligence. T-SOFT may change the provisions of this privacy statement, provided that it is published in the Application whenever it deems necessary. The provisions of the privacy statement that T-SOFT has made changes are considered to have entered into force on the date of publication in practice. This Privacy Policy consists of 9 (nine) articles and is an integral part of the Mobile Application User Agreement.