Collection from Dealers

Dealers and sub-dealers can make payments on current accounts with their customer cards.

Collection from Customers

Collection from corporate and individual customers on the internet.

USD and EURO Collection

TL, as well as USD, EURO, GBP and SAR, etc. currency collection.

Collection from Members / Subscribers

Collection of members and subscribers by saving credit card information in a secure environment.

Collection with Mobile Devices

Collection on the field using smartphone and tablet without POS machine.

E-Commerce Integration

Integration and payment interface to E-commerce, B2B, online booking etc. systems.

Collection by E-Mail

Credit card collection by sending a payment link to dealers, customers and members by e-mail.

Multi-Language Support

Ability to work in different languages in both payment interface and admin panel.

Business Software Integration

Automatic transfer and statement integration with current account accountancy integration.

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Make your collection through the Tahsildar iOS mobile app!

Download now!

Make your collection through the Tahsildar Android mobile app!