You can send notifications to your mobile application customers by segment via SendHeap. You can also send automatic notifications with the scheduling feature.
You can view how many users your notifications reach, create lists and send notifications to only the users you choose.
Some of the notification features in SendHeap are as follows.

• Send notification to all users.
• Let me know when the product price drops.
• Report Incomplete Orders.
• Report Order Status.
• Let me know when the product is in stock.

NOTE: In any case you have problems, you can get help by making a request to our Mobile Application department on Nildesk or by calling us at +90 212 612 44 55.

Frequently Asked Questions and Features

  • Is SendHeap mobile app integration free?

    Yes, after installing SendHeap via T-Soft mobile application market, you can benefit from some notification features for free.

  • How can I integrate SendHeap into my application?

    To complete the installation process in this regard, it is sufficient to inform our mobile application team.

  • Which SendHeap features can I use in my application?

    You can use features such as Send message to all users, Notify when product price drops, Notify Incomplete Orders, Notify Order Status, Notify when product is in stock.