Related İntegration

With related integration;
Along with developing personalized experiences, you can acquire new users, analyze the behavior of your existing users, and instantly communicate with your customers on the move. You can send notifications by segments, create campaigns and make reports. With personalized and targeted instant messaging, you can increase the usage of your applications and your conversions in your mobile applications. Take your application strategy to the next level by creating your targeted mobile push notifications with the Related integration that you will use in your application!

NOTE: In any case you have problems, you can get help by making a request to our Mobile Application department on Nildesk or by calling us at +90 212 612 44 55.

Frequently Asked Questions and Features

  • Is the Related mobile app integration free?

    Yes, if you give us information after you agree with Related, we can integrate your Related account into your application for free.

  • How can I integrate Related into my app?

    After getting information about integration with Related, you can contact us by request or by phone and request Related integration for your application.

  • Which of the Related features can I use in my application?

    With the Related integration, you can send notifications according to segments, create campaigns and make reports.