Segmentify Integration

With Segmentify integration, you can show widgets on pages such as product details page, product search page, or basket page.

Related Integration

You can send notifications to your users with Euromessage and Visilabs integration.

Insider Integration

By presenting user behaviors in segments, you can carry out personalized marketing campaigns through your application.

Wawlabs Integration

You can increase your sales by offering your users a unique search experience with Wawlabs smart search engine integration.

Firebase Integration

You can see various statistics about your application and make arrangements according to user actions.

Google Analytics

You can examine your data by connecting your application to Google Analytics.

SendHeap Integration

You can increase your sales by sending notifications by scheduling them according to segments.

Hopi Coin

With the Hopi feature, you can make your customers use Hopi coins and earn Hopi coin.

Login with Apple

You can make your Apple users login quickly with Apple.

Login with Google

You can make your users login quickly with Google.

Login with Facebook

You can make your users login quickly with Facebook.

Apple Pay

Support is provided with Stripe.

Google Pay

You can offer payment with Google Pay.