Google Analytics not only lets you measure sales and conversions, it also provides new insights into how visitors use your app, how they come to your app, and how you can get them to return.
Once enabled in your Google Analytics app, it automatically collects and reports on built-in events and user attributes. You can also keep track of custom events and set custom user properties.

Here are some of the statistics you can view for your app in Google Analytics.
• Where are your visiting users?
• How are active users trending?
• What is your success in retaining your users?
• Which pages and screens are getting the most views?
• What are your most popular events?
• What are your top performing conversions?
• What are your best selling products?
• How do the activities on your platforms compare?

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Frequently Asked Questions and Features

  • Is Google Analytics mobile app integration free?

    Yes, you do not need to pay for Google Analytics integration.

  • How can I integrate Google Analytics into my application?

    To complete the integration process in this regard, it is sufficient to inform our mobile application team.