In Firebase, you can see various statistics about your application and make adjustments according to user movements.
Here are some of the statistics you can view for your app in Firebase.

• Products shared in the app.
• Filters made in the application.
• Most viewed products.
• Products added to favourites.
• Site links opened in the application.
• Most viewed product list and features.
• The most viewed product details and features.
• Currency statistics. (Most used, selection location, changes)
• Most used language. (Most used, place of choice, changes)
• Analysis of placed orders.
• Cargo tracking analysis. (Which region, which company, order status the most)
• Notifications from the app.
• Screens entered in the application.
• Add to cart operations.
• Search statistics. (Type of search (barcode, voice, typing), most searched)
• Login format. (facebook, google, normal)
• Member registration format. (facebook, google, normal)
• content analysis.
• Analysis of passing from cart to checkout. (Total cart price, products, general statistics)
• Payment information.
• Evaluation of the product. (Such as scoring.)
• Age ranges of users of the application.
• Regions of users of the application.
• Number of instant active users.
• Being able to see any user's navigation in the application.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Features

  • Is Firebase mobile app integration free?

    Yes, we can integrate your app into your Firebase account for free if you inform us after you open an account with Firebase.

  • How can I integrate Firebase into my app?

    In order to integrate Firebase into your application, it is sufficient to inform us.

  • Which Firebase features can I use in my app?

    With Firebase integration, you can use Crashlytics, App Distribution, Cloud Messaging, In-App Messaging, Analytics and many more features.