Order Management

You can see the details of your orders, you can change the status.

Product Management

You can manage the stock, price and activity of your products.

Customer Management

You can access information about your members.


You can see and respond to your requests from your members.


You can create a request to our support department and follow the requests you have created before.

Campaign Management

You can view your campaigns, manage activity settings on your site and app, and change the validity date.

Income Statistics

You can view your one-week income statistic and review the increase or decrease by days.

Visitor Statistics

You can view your visitor statistics for a week and review the increases or decreases by days.

iOS Smart Watch

You can connect your iOS smart watch to the application and view your statistics instantly.

Siri Feature

Ask Siri digital assistant to provide you with up-to-date information about your e-commerce site.

Download now!

It is free to use for 3 months, Do not miss this opportunity!

Download now!

It is free to use for 3 months, Do not miss this opportunity!

Frequently Asked Questions and Features

  • How do I login?

    "Home Page>Settings>Web Service Users" You can create a web service user from the “page” and log in with that web service user.
    NOTE: Login with the Web service username. It will give an error when you try to login with the web service user's email address.

  • Is the application Free?

    The first 3 months you can use for free. Then you only pay ₺ 19.99 per month.

  • How can I get notifications?

    First you need to buy "T-Soft Mobile E-commerce Panel" module from Tsoft application market. (For application link here click.)
    Then, to activate notification settings, you must activate the notification settings according to your preference by clicking the edit button of the user from the "Home Page>Settings>Users" page.
    Finally, you need to connect the user whose notifications you have opened to the web service user to whom you logged into the application.

  • Some Fields Are Not Displayed in the Application What Can I Do?

    Make sure that all privileges of the web service user you are logged in to are open and your site version is high. If you are still experiencing problems, please make a request to the mobile application department.

  • Multi-Language Feature

    • Turkish
    • English
    • Arabic
    • Azerbaijani
  • Multiple Site Management

    • Different accounts can be added after login.
    • Switch between added accounts.
    • To delete an added account, you must hover over it and drag it to the left.
  • Notification Featurei

    Note: If "T-Soft Mobile E-commerce Panel" application is purchased from Tsoft application market, notification will be displayed in the following cases.

    • Order notifications
    • Member notifications
    • Comment notifications
    • Site update notifications
    • Support request notifications
  • Income Statistics

    • One-week income statistics can be displayed.
    • Increases and decreases for days over a week can be displayed.
    • One week total income can be displayed.
    • The daily amount of profit can be displayed in net and as a percentage.
  • Visitor Statistics

    • One week visitor statistics can be displayed.
    • Increases and decreases for days over a week can be displayed.
    • One week total visitors can be displayed.
    • The amount of visitors per day can be displayed in net and percentage.
  • Order Management

    • The total number of orders can be displayed.
    • The order list can be displayed.
    • The customer's profile can be accessed directly from the relevant order detail.
    • In order to reach the customer's profile in the list, the customer name should be clicked in Android and the relevant order in iOS should be dragged to the left.
    • Shipping status can be changed.
    • Cargo tracking number can be entered.
    • You can reach the products page directly from the order detail.
    • Delivery details can be displayed.
    • You can search by typing in Orders.
    • Orders can be displayed by platform.
    • Orders can be displayed according to the selected filter.
    • The variants of purchased products (Sub-product information) are displayed.
    • The purchased product can be viewed for personalization.
  • Product management

    • The total number of products can be displayed.
    • The product list can be displayed.
    • Can search by typing.
    • Can search by barcode.
    • Sorting feature can be displayed on demand (eg: lowest price, highest price, A-Z, Z-A etc.)
    • Products can be displayed according to the adjustable filter.
    • The site cache can be cleared.
    • Barcode number can be added to the product by reading the barcode in the product detail.
    • The product name may change.
    • The stock quantity may change.
    • Activity-passivity status can be managed.
    • Buying, selling and discounted selling price can be managed.
    • Reduced display status can be managed.
    • the currency is manageable.
    • The amount of VAT can be managed.
    • Product photos can be viewed.
    • Sub-products can be viewed and managed..
  • Member Message Management

    • The total number of messages can be displayed.
    • Messages can be answered.
    • You can search within member messages.
    • Messages can be displayed according to their reply and non-reply status.
    • The request code can be displayed.
    • Clicking the customer name will redirect you to the customer's profile.
  • Member Management

    • The total number of members can be viewed.
    • Members can be searched.
    • One-touch phone number of the member can be dialed while the member is in the detail screen.
    • One-touch message can be sent to the member while the member is in the detail screen.
    • Members can be e-mailed to the member with a single button while in the detail screen.
    • Members may view messages
    • Members' orders can be viewed.
    • View member's profile picture.
    • Member's personal information can be viewed.
    • It is possible to view whether the member is disabled or not.
  • Nildesk Demand Management

    • Total number of requests can be displayed.
    • Requests created on Nildesk are listed.
    • New demand can be created.
    • Search by request code.
    • Response to requests can be written.
    • Demand separation can be made according to the process (Demand process is indicated by icons on demand list screen).
    • Requests can be filtered according to the situation (For example: All, Resolved, Waiting for Response, In Process, Unresolved)
    • It can be seen which support staff is on demand.
    • The platform and department in which the request is located can be displayed.
    • The last updated date of the request can be viewed.
    • Request id can be copied with one click.
  • Campaign Management

    • The total number of campaigns can be viewed.
    • The campaign can display whether there is a discount voucher.
    • Whether the campaign is active on the website can be viewed and managed.
    • Whether the campaign is active in the mobile application can be viewed and managed.
    • Can the campaign display country restrictions or not.
    • The campaign can be viewed whether there is free shipping.
    • Campaign start and end date can be viewed and managed.
    • The title and details of the campaign can be managed.
  • Exchange rate

    • The exchange rates available on your site are displayed on the homepage.
    • Daily exchange rates can be displayed in TL equivalent.
  • Recently Added Members

    • The last 10 members added are displayed on the homepage.