Filter and sort the categories of products as you like

In-App Search

Easily find products in the categories using the in-app search engine as you like!

Detailed categorization

We offer quickly navigate through the app and easily find what the user wants.

Basket control

(increase product quantity / delete product)

Order status

Ability to view order history / status


Comment option with regards to what you think of the user

Interactive slider

As with your main site, you can also create banners for your campaigns in your mobile app.

List Options

More than one display options in the product list


Zoom in photos and features

Color choice

We are fascinated with the stylish design of your site with the appropriate color choices.


Ability to use multiple language options in your application


Ability to use multiple currencies in your application

Instant Notifications

You can send seperate push notifications to iOS and Android phones.

Closest store

Opportunity to see the distance from the store according to your location

3D Touch

Our iOS applications also include Force Touch, Peek and Pop.

Barcode Search

You can search for products by barcode in the application.

Voice Search

You can search for products by voice in Andriod/iOS applications.

Catalog Bubble

Ability to use the mini-photos which you specify the category link or link you want on your homepage

Price Alarm

Feature that allows your customers to send notifications according to the product of their choice when your prices fall.

Stock Alarm

A feature that allows your customers to send notifications according to the product of their choice when your out of stock products are renewed.

In-app Notification

The notifications, which are sent are registered in the application and can be accessed from the right menu at any time.


You can see various statics about your application and make organizing according to user movements.

KVKK Contract

Kvkk contract checkboxes can be added to the application registration screen.

Category Icon

Icons can be added to the categories in the left menu.

Cargo tracking

You can easily track cargo from My Orders.

Product Feature Display

Filters which added to the product can be viewed on the product detail page.

Promotional Product

You can publish the promotional products.


By defining campaigns specific to your application, you can direct your customers to use the application.


Products can be shared on many platforms with Share feature.

Variant Picture

A more elegant appearance can be provided, by showing the product picture in the variants(sub-product).

Icon Usage

You can use product-specific icons for free shipping, discount icon etc…

Similar products

Provide quick access to customer by displaying similar products in the product detail.

Payment options

Payment options for the product can be shown in the product detail.

Product Informations

Providing comfortable use by showing product-related filters, descriptions, comments and payment options in a sliding structure.

Product Display Option

Possibility to show products in single, double and triple on product list screen.

Product List

Lists products in a floating structure with a choice of single, double, triple views on the application's home page.

Sign In by Phone

Depending on the module, you can use the phone login feature in the application.

Hopi Coin

With the Hopi feature, you can make your customers use Hopi coins and earn Hopi coin.

Product Customization

Depending on the module, you can enable your customer to enter information such as pictures and text on the product they want to buy.

Dealer Sale

You can customize your app for dealer sales.

Order Cancellation

You can use order cancellation feature in your app.

Order Return

You can offer order return according to the time you set in your application.

Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers that you have defined as personal or public can be displayed on a separate page in the application.

GIF Feature

You can add GIF to your application's splash screen or product detail photo.

Account Deletion

By activating the account deletion feature, you can enable your users to delete their account whenever they want.

Quick Menu

Some features can be accessed directly from the phone's home screen by holding down the application.

Segmentify Integration

With Segmentify integration, you can show widgets on pages such as product details page, product search page, or basket page.

PDF opening

You can add PDF links to the application.

Related Integration

You can send notifications to your users with Euromessage and Visilabs integration.

Apple Pay

Support is provided with Stripe.

Google Pay

You can offer payment with Google Pay.

Login with Google

You can make your users login quickly with Google.

Login with Facebook

You can make your users login quickly with Facebook.

Login with Apple

You can make your Apple users login quickly with Apple.

Country Selection

Language and currency can be selected automatically according to the country of connection, and product and price can be displayed according to the country.

Font Type

You can use any of inter, avenir, montserrat, poppins font types you want in your application.

Illustrated Notification

You can make a difference by sending illustrated notifications to your users.

Delivery Feature

If your relevant module is active, you can also use your application with the courier system.

SendHeap Integration

You can increase your sales by sending notifications by scheduling them according to segments.

Firebase Integration

You can see various statistics about your application and make arrangements according to user actions.

Insider Integration

By presenting user behaviors in segments, you can carry out personalized marketing campaigns through your application.

Google Analytics

You can examine your data by connecting your application to Google Analytics.

RTL Support

In the Arabic language, the application can be aligned from right to left.

Coupon Rain

You can create gift certificates and present a random gift certificate. The user just needs to shake their device for the coupon rain to be identified.

Wawlabs Integration

You can increase your sales by offering your users a unique search experience with Wawlabs smart search engine integration.


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